Sagacity: (n) having keen perception; ability to make good judgments + Tease: (v) to playfully provoke; arouse interest; untangle

welcome to sagacitease!

Inside your heart and mind is everything you need for a great life and career, yet you suffer stress, confusion, indecision, depression, anger, or anxiety. You let yourself down, make the wrong choices and same dumb mistakes, over and over. Why? Because the true nature of who you are is disconnected from the decisions you make. Whether you’re guiding your own life or trying to motivate and manage others, Sagacitease is a fun, fascinating journey of self-discovery meant to cure that disconnect.

Sagaciteasers  Provocative questions and ideas to ponder on what it is to be human.

Don’t Think Naked!  To be mentally dressed for success you need: Confidence in who you are, Knowledge to make fully-informed decisions, and Insight into common sense answers that best fit your life.

You’re Not Cursed! It’s a Course Correction.  Allowing a bad experience to guide you to a more fulfilling, better realized life or career.

Sort Out the Trash!  What in your life or career is a treasure, recyclable, or just plain trash.

SagaciSeeds  Enjoy Sagacitease live with workshops that bring the tools and techniques of sagacity to your organization or workplace.

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